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Q. How can I make sure that I'm using PotPal properly- the different functions?(Richard from christchurch,NZ)

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Check out the Home Page on this website, It shows you everything- but don't forget to turn the pocket inside out for the heat mitt action!

Q.......I think the product's great- a very useful, practical and lightweight thing! (Phil from Perth,AU)

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Thanks Phil, we tried to get the balance right- glad you're in agreement!

Do you plan to have other colours available? (Suzanne from Melbourne, AU)

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Yes, keep checking the website for some very interesting new range coming soon-some quite funky colours -to add a spot of fun to the day out.

Q. What kind of warranty is there on the 'PotPal'? (John from Utah, US)

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The product has a one year replacement warranty on all manufacturing defaults - so if you notice any stitching coming out or any other issue, let us know so we can replace it and get you back out Soul tramping (keep your receipt!).

Q.Why have you used cotton? Everything else is micro fibre, and you have used cotton? (Julian from Sydney,AU)

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Following our testing of the two material we find that out of the two
materials, cotton actually come out better. It has similar drying time,
flexibility, but the biggest advantage is its durability- it's a lot tougher than micro fibre and a lot more heat resistant.

Q. tip when turning the glove inside out and back again is to reach into the glove and always pull the far end- It's a lot easily as it just pops out. On my campoven (Y-CO) I always pull the excess material out before turning the mitt inside out as then there is nothing creating any resistance. (Nathan from Canberra,AU)

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We couldn't have put it any finer oursleves- Thanks!.

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